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Many people believe that an office refurb is a waste of time and money, but there are many benefits to this process. It’s important for your business to always be looking fresh and current, which can only happen with regular up-keep in the workplace. A few reasons why this is beneficial are: it improves employee morale, increases productivity, and attracts new clients. With these benefits in mind, you should consider undertaking an office refurb as soon as possible! Do you want to make your office space more functional and appealing? The benefits of an office refurb include a fresh, clean look that boosts productivity. Here are some tips on how to get started:

You will find advantages that are numerous to an office refurbishment Birmingham if planned, budgeted and managed correctly. Visual perception is actually the focal point to your business identity – refurbishing your office is actually a fantastic chance to affect positive change and improvement in business performance, increase staff productivity, staff morale and staff retention. An office refurbishment can be a creative and exciting experience and does not have to break the bank. Follow our office refurbishment guide to make a new office refurbishment a success.

1. Determine the motive

Firstly, establish the primary reasons why you’ve made the decision to refurbish the workplace of yours. It might merely be it is looking tired and run down, or perhaps you’re driven by a lease renewal, have surplus space or perhaps you’re growing and need to create more space.

Modern day office design is actually different to what it was ten years before. Collaborative working practices and technology have been driving changes in office design and layout for some time and even more so following on from the launch of the flexible working laws in 2014.

It might be external factors, like new competitors in the local area of yours or perhaps design trends which are actually the forcing you to make a much better workplace.

You might find that there are actually plenty of factors driving the need to refurbish. Prioritise them and keep them in mind when refurbishing and designing the offices of yours as it’s so easy to lose track and become distracted with the smaller details of the refurbishment.

2. Preparing the brief of yours

A successful office refurbishment is determined by a good brief. It will incorporate an office wishlist and an outline of the company objectives, staff numbers, style of working, company ethos, branding, functional requirements and of course, budget.

At Trevor Blake, we are going to work with you to guide you through the refurbishment process, helping you to define the requirements of yours and advise on how we think you can improve the workplace of yours.

In order to get you started on the brief of yours, here are a couple of main areas to consider:

a) Fixtures and fittings Is your office partitioning in the right places? Can it be sufficient? Do you require more cellular spaces?

Does the existing lighting suit the office layout? Is it possible to make much better use of natural light?

Is your heating, cooling and ventilation system working properly? At what time was the air conditioning last serviced? In order to meet the demands of the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations, all air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of over 12kw must be routinely inspected by an energy assessor no more than 5 years apart.