Aerial panoramic scene of the London city financial district with many iconic skyscrapers near river Thames.

In order to acquire a business property, a buyer must seek a method of paying for it. In the commercial world there are many ways of doing this. With a popular choice being to use Commercial finance.

Commercial finance encompasses a range of loans and payment plans that are used for business purposes. When concerning a property, the commercial finance that is most commonly used is a commercial mortgage.

A commercial mortgage is most often used to purchase commercial premises. Although it is also used to expand existing premises, invest in new buildings or develop an existing property. Most commercial mortgages have a term of 15 years or more and are given for substantial amounts, from £15,000 up to around £500,000.

The property is the asset used to secure the loan, much in the same as a domestic mortgage, and the lender retains a legal claim over the property until repayment of the loan is complete.