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Changes within a company can cause bigger issues than many realise. When going through or enforcing change, things will go much more smoothly if you utilise change management techniques:

1. Address the human issues that change will create. People typically do not like change, they need to know the how, why and what part they will play.

2. Start at the top. From top to bottom, everyone needs to be on the same page and transitions need to be embraced at the top first then disseminated downward.

3. Include every layer of the organisation to ensure everyone feels involved and a part of the change.

4. Formally inform everyone of why things need to change and how it will happen and allow for questions so that there is no confusion.

5. Create ownership among leadership of how they need to be involved in helping the organisation as a whole and their subordinates throughout the transformation.

6. Proper communication that is timely, constant and practical from the top down keeps the message consistent.

7. Consider the cultural landscape of the organisation to understand where and how issues might arise during the change process.

8. Once the cultural aspects are understood, create the proper incentives to encourage individuals who adapt and adhere to the changes.

9. Prepare for unexpected issues that might arise during the transition by brainstorming for additional risks.

10. If there are any individuals who seem to be struggling with the change, try speaking with them individually to see what they are having trouble with and try to help reassure them and clarify any questions they may have.