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While the name implies differently, a business analyst doesn’t always focus on businesses. Depending on the nature and function a business, the analyst that is assigned to it can also occupy roles associated with that specific business.

In other words, a business analyst who focuses on production, expands beyond the ‘business’ component and into the ‘production’ component. This is great for the career prospects of analysts in this space.

In this case the production business analyst will tend to focus their responsibilities on either production or business. The ratio between these factors varies depending on the company you work for as well the analyst’s own personal preferences.

For example, in a business focused role, you might focus on understanding the needs of multiple stakeholders as well as identifying the current and future-state business processes.

But in a production focused role you may have completely different responsibilities. These could be creating, analyzing, and validating detailed functional specifications as well as delivering elements of a production design.