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Cleanliness matters in everything you do especially when it comes to your business. If you are a retailer, then you are probably aware that the appearance of your store has a significant impact on a prospective customer.

Imagine you enter a fresh food store, and the first thing you see is a funny-looking stain on the counter, how inclined will you be to purchase from that store the next time around? What if your employee-cum-cleaner forgot to dust that particular shelf because he/she was busy doing what they were actually hired to do which is not cleaning? Well, instead of turning your employee into a cleaner to save that extra coin—and lose some sales on account of an unclean store—why don’t you hire a regular professional cleaner and boost your sales because your store is sparkling?

Here are three reasons why hiring a regular cleaner is a must:


You are a businessperson, and probably your entire knowledge of thorough cleaning revolves around a bucket of water and detergent. Your employees probably know much less! An experienced regular cleaner will keep your store up to reasonable standards of hygiene, whilst using state of the art equipment and cleaning supplied to get the job done quickly, whilst they may become a member of the team in some capacity as they will be in each day or every other day, possibly becoming quite close with the rest of your employees. So often, you not only get a cleaner, you get someone you can trust.

Customer satisfaction

I’m not sure anybody will appreciate buying anything from a shop that isn’t cared for. First impressions say a lot about you, your level of service and your products. The more presentable and appealing you appear, the more customers will appreciate your products and want to come back again. This is why it’s so essential to have a clean and tidy store. You’re not just making customers feel comfortable, you’re showcasing your products in a positive light too.

Risk of infection

Germs are much harder to kill than people think. Wiping a spot till it sparkles does not necessarily mean that it is ‘clean’—at least not hygienically clean. A regular cleaner is aware of the kinds of chemicals to use for different areas of your store to keep you and your employees safe from the risk of infection, especially from the most common culprit, which is food contamination. Of course, for restaurants and canteens, it’s important your caterers know the score too and are regularly cleaning their areas, but by having a cleaner to provide a deep clean after every working day, your shop will be happier and healthier­—and so will your customers!

When you’ve taken the decision to hire a cleaner. You may choose to opt for a specialist in your area rather than an employee on your books. For example, if you’re based in Northamptonshire, you will probably run a search online for Contract Cleaning Northampton and there will certainly be plenty of options. Just make sure you read their reviews and hire one when you know they have previous experience and a good portfolio of clients in their portfolio.