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Increasing the number of social media platforms you are on, will not necessarily increase the visibility of your business or brand. It is more important for you to be on the platforms that are the most optimal for your brand and only on as many as you can proficiently handle. Neglecting a platform that you don’t have the time to keep up could even have a negative impact.

Before deciding on which platforms are right for you, consider these things:

  • Which platforms actually work best for your business?
  • How many platforms can you consistently manage and keep up to date?
  • Are you able to create content that is the proper medium for each of those platforms and catered towards your target audience?
  • Can you keep each of these platforms current and be able to engage with your followers on each of those accounts?

If you are unable to effectively and reliably manage each of your platforms, with a consistent brand voice and content, then you may need to consider removing or suspending the accounts that are the least beneficial to your business. Having an account that is outdated or mismanaged could cause more harm than good.