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Graphic designers are free-lance workers that are employed, usually, on an image by image basis.

Graphic design is used to describe something with images instead of words. Informative websites are increasingly using graphics alongside text. It’s general human knowledge that its easier to look at a picture than to read some words.

Perhaps you feel your website is lacking in that thing that grabs the viewer. You know you’ve got the content, you know its good, you just need that something that will hook someone into going deeper.

This is where a graphic designer can really come into play. A graphic designer will spend time looking at the content you offer. What it means, what it stands for, who it appeals to, even how it feels. It’s the graphic designers job to take all of these aspects, amalgamate them and put them into a single image.

This image can then serve as a border, toolbar, icons anything where you feel there is a void in your website, a graphic can fill with value, that’s wholly related to your website.